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Samurai of Legend Rules and Regulations [Return to Login]

  1. Players are only allowed to have one account. Creating or using two or more accounts will result in all of them being classified as multiple accounts and will result in your accounts being sent to the federal jail. Family and friends may share your computer and play Samurai of Legend, but you must contact staff and let them know. This includes networked / library / work and school computers.

  2. Under NO circumstances are same IP transfers allowed. You may not transfer or trade items / yen by trade / transfer, marriage tools, clan, Russian Roulette, Rock, Paper, Sharp Katana or any other means. This applies to all players, including friends and family. If you are playing from the same physical location as another player, then it is extremely likely you and them have identical IP addresses.

    • The usage of proxy IPs is acceptable but is subject to added rules for players. You may not use proxies to create or maintain additional accounts, use them to hide your game account ID in chat or to bypass the same IP transfer rule. Rules 1 and 2 still apply. We will catch you. Also be aware that if you are using a proxy IP, you could find yourself caught up in someone else's problems.

    • SoL staff are permitted to ask any account in chat to reveal their true game id and mail staff through the game mail system to confirm the account. Failure to do so will result in an IP ban.

  3. You are responsible for whatever happens on your account and to your account. Your password should be secured and if you share a computer, not saved to your computer. Samurai of Legend staff do not replace lost yen or items if your account is compromised.

  4. This is a family game, with adults, teenagers and children. Keep it PG-13. We do not allow excessive swearing, ANY f-bombing, ANY sexual postings in mail, chat, or forums. failure to comply with this will result in your removal for the safety of the other players. no explicit images or any type are allowed ANYWHERE, including profile pics, forum signatures, forum postings, chat links to pictures, etc.

  5. Samurai of Legend is an international game, shared by players around the world. We will not tolerant discrimination, derrogatory speech or terminology, or harrassment based on race, gender, country of origin, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Samurai of Legend does allow for same sex marriage and expects you to respect other players preferences.

  6. Samurai of Legend is a game you play. If you cannot play, you may not use bots or auto refreshers or any other program to play the game for you. This includes using multi-tab refreshing on browsers with that ability. This is unfair to other players that play the game. This rule also applies to having others play your account for you. if you cannot play the game, others may not use your account to play for you. We all go on vacation. Its not the end of the world.

  7. Samurai of Legend prides itself on being unique, please do not talk about other games that you play, this includes other online, multiplayer browser games, console games, etc. This is regarded as advertising or recruiting and will result in your account being sent to the federal jail.

  8. Be respectful of the game staff, most of them are players that are also staff volunteers and give up their playing time to help players with issues and questions. Contact them if you have issues or need help but do not spam their mail box or hassle them in chat. They are busy and will make time to help you with your issues as they can.

  9. Samurai of Legend staff are players first and play under SoL Rules. When acting as Staff, they act under a strict set of rules and are expected to act accordingly. Issues with staff are handled by SamuraiAdmin [1]. If you feel that the Samurai of Legend player staff are acting outside of proper guidelines as staff when dealing with you, you can refer the matter to SamuraiAdmin [1] for review.

  10. Non playing accounts may not be used to gain items or yen to send to other players. Playing accounts are not allowed to give away yen, rice and gold, power gym scrolls, and items such as weapons and armor to other accounts, this is called ATM machining or player funding.

  11. Samurai of Legend is a game in development so at times there will be bugs, glitches, and other issues. Players are expected to report any issues to staff. Players that fail to do so and continue to use bugs and glitches or exploit loopholes in the game can expect to be caught and dealt with harshly. Use the mail system or Bugs Forum depending on the severity if the problem.

  12. While many players have similar names, players may not change their names to directly match another players name or use thier display pictures, forum signature pictures, or chat names to pass themselves off as other players. Impersonating game staff is a federal jail offense.

  13. Offensive ( racist, sexual, abusive ) names are not acceptable. Staff have the right to ask you to change your name or fed you for offensive / inappropriate names in the game. This applies to players, clans, and chat names.

    • Names with non English symbols and icons can interfere with the staffs ability to do their job effectively and deal with players issues and concerns. If you use symbols in your name, you do so at your own risk and SoL is not responsible for your inability to play the game due to your use of non English names and symbols.

  14. Do not appeal to the staff about fed sentences, ask friends to contact the staff, or create other accounts to talk to the staff. Player staff do not deal with fed appeals. Fedded players have access to the fed appeal system if they access their account. That is the ONLY option for players to appeal fed sentences.

  15. Assisting in the breaking of rules, bug abuse, abusing glitches, cheating, and not contacting staff about such abuse of the game, makes the player as guilty as the players that commit the offense. If you know of possible rule violations or bug abuse, contact staff immediately. Mails and private messages to staff are private and confidential. Your in-game details will not be revealed to other players.

  16. If you are retiring, quitting, or leaving the game, your account will not be sent to the federal jail upon request. Let your account go inactive. Do not mail staff and ask to be fedded.

  17. Retiring players may not give items, yen, gold, or rice to other accounts. When a player decides to leave the game, they must leave their account inactive and not give away everything. Any player receiving items or funds from retiring accounts must send the or funds to SamuraiAdmin [1] or contact staff for guidance. Admin can access accounts to remove items or funds that have been sent to other players by retired or non playing accounts. This applies to player to player transfers, The trading center, the markets, RR / RPS, Any means of transferring or trading. Violating this rule is a waste of time. The items will be recovered so dont waste your time, your friends time, and staff time. Leaving your money out to be stolen isnt an easy-out either. It will be recovered as well.

Game playing Rules

  1. Samurai of Legend is a fighting game, and online attacks can happen and are allowed in the game. You do have options for stopping online attacks. Players may not harass you by stopping you from playing the game for extended periods of time. Such actions can result in staff taking action to ensure that players regain the ability to play the game.

    • Non fighting harassment can be excessive offensive mailing, item sending, comment spamming, posting of threads containing personal information, offensive material, or excessive use of the ignore option in chat. This will not be tolerated.

    • Game harassment can be excessive bombing of players when they are online, excessive online attacking, or excessive online bombing of players if they use bushi guards.

    • Harassment cases are reviewed by a neutral staff member and ruled upon accordingly. Each case is different so there are not set rules or limits that players can quote to justify harassment.

    • Clans that target single players can be regarded as player vs. player harassment and the whole clan treated as one person.

  2. Samurai of Legend staff understand that you like to help friends and family with the game. The following applies to helping other players:

    • You may not give donations or loans to other players to help them fill their banks or make posts, threads, or names asking for donations, loans, or gifts to fill banks.

    • You may not give or receive loans to help players purchase housing, weapons or armour, courses or to fill banks. You can purchase and gift weapons, armour, and items using the markets, or buy the weapons and armour as gifts through the trading forum in limited quantities and values.

    • Gifts or donations of rice, gold, yen, and Power gym scrolls are viewed differently as they are the main source of player funding, and reviewed on a case by case basis

      Collectable items such as frozen fish, chopsticks, sculptures, carvings, and books are collectables or sellable. Players can trade or sell them at will.

    • You may not loan weapons and armour to other players. All players are expected to have their own weapons and armour to use, not use other players weapons and armour.

    • While married couples share banks, you may not use your playerís bank to gain interest that you are not entitled to or use your partnerís bank if they are not actively playing. This includes using your partners account if they no longer play or having another player login to the account so that you can use their banks for your own gain. SOL Marriage is about teamwork, its a two way arrangement.

    • Married couples sharing the same IP may not use the marriage bank tools if it results in same IP transfers as they are not exempt from the same IP transfer rule.

  3. You are expected to conduct yourself in a respectful manner in chat. The rules on conduct in game apply to chat as well.

    • Chat staff are identifiable by the capital A beside their name. They can be newbie player greeters, forum moderators, assistants, or admin level staff. They can remove your ability to chat or remove you from chat if issues arise.

  4. The shout out box in the Samurai of Legend jail is for amusement purposes only, do not abuse it by stretching it, cursing, or attempting to use BB coding. You may lose the ability to use the box.

  5. Scamming is frowned upon in Samurai of Legend.

    • You may not marry other players with the intention of taking their money for your own gain and divorcing the player.

    • You may not use the trading forum to advertise items you do not have, cannot sell, or run auctions that you have no intention of letting players win if they don't bid high enough to suit you.

    • You may not sell information such as training, leveling, * exp cows *, investments, bank information, clan creating and up keep, this information is available to all players and not to be used for personal gain.

    • You may not ask, request, or threaten other players or clans into paying you funds or items for protection. This is known as extortion or stand over tactics and totally dishonorable.

  6. You may not create or use clans for gaining funds for yourself or other clan members, clans are for players to enjoy, not for players to gain items and funds from unsuspecting players or players to use as a collecting ground for the benefit of a couple of players.

  7. The Samurai of Legend mail system is a privilege for players to use. Misuse of the mail system can and will result in loss of mail system access. Loss of mail privileges are the responsibility of players and a consequence of their actions. Staff are under no obligation to reinstall lost mail privileges to players.